VA SYD:s company logotype


VA SYD supplies drinking water and takes care of household waste and wastewater for five municipalities in Scania in the south of Sweden.

VA SYD is in the middle of a high-priority digitalisation journey. In 2019, the utility was looking for an e-signature provider that could help solve its digitisation needs. VA SYD selected Egreement because the solution is user-friendly and easy to work with.

"As a first step, we have focused on digitalising our procurement process," says VA SYD System Administrator Anita Kafatzief. We have now set the routine for how we will work and share the contracts in the business. It is faster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly."

The utility is keeping to plan and rolling out more processes as it goes.

"We see that there are many different parts that can become digital and it is important to show the benefits of e-signing to the rest of the organisation," says Kafatzief.