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The challenge:
Increasing competition and greater demands for fast and efficient solutions meant St1 needed a modern e-signing solution. To meet the needs of their customers and provide an efficient service, they could no longer rely on paper contracts, because they create longer lead times and cause more complicated administration.

After researching services, St1 chose Egreement's e-signing solution. St1 chose to fully integrate the e-signature solution into its own business system, and in just three weeks it introduced the service for the first card - St1 Private. The card allows customers to make applications on the website and e-sign contracts directly.

The result:
Thanks to Egreement's automated service with BankID, St1 has halved the processing time for an account application, increased the security of the process and allowed customers to start using their cards much faster. Today, over 70% of all St1 customers choose to apply for both personal and business accounts through Egreement's solution. To put it simply, St1 is delighted!

Cissi Janssen, Customer Service Manager at St1 Sweden, wanted to find a modern and flexible solution for e-signing go streamline administration and make things easier for her customers. The answer? Egreement.

“We want to be different,” says Janssen. “We want to challenge old truths and do things in new ways, both to improve our own business and to make it easier for our customers. Egreement helped us to make contract signing easy and positive for our customers.”

St1 is a modern energy company with an environmental focus, short decision-making paths and a desire to find new, efficient solutions to permeate and positively influence the entire company. Cissi Janssen explains that St1 is focused on providing fast and efficient service to customers.

The business approach made St1 seek out a new way to improve customers' card applications. After evaluating the available solutions, St1 chose Egreement's e-signature solution, which it has now fully integrated into its own business system. With Egreement's automated service using BankID, application processing times have been halved, while the security of the process has increased and customers can start using their cards much faster.

"Incredibly smooth process of integration"

“Justifying a business case for a solution like this is not difficult," says Cissi. “We were able to recoup the investment quickly, after only three months. This is because both general administration and processing errors are reduced, while customers can start shopping faster. Then the integration itself was very fast, Egreement's process for it was incredibly simple and smooth. We received a presentation from Egreement in the spring of 2015 and immediately understood that this was what we were looking for. It only took about three weeks from contracting with Egreement to introducing the service for the first card - St1 Private - so customers can apply on our website and e-sign directly.”

The next step was to introduce the same system for the euroShell card. Automatic verification means the company signatory e-signs, and that increases security for all. Now, the entire application and approval process is automated. The credit department will only run manual checks if the system raises an alarm that something is wrong with an application.

"Egreement wants to find new, smart solutions"

“We are very pleased that we chose to work with Egreement. I like that they are always open to new ideas and want to find new, smart solutions - it fits with St1's profile,” says Cissi. “When we have an idea, Egreement says 'we'll check and get back to you!', never 'no'. They are nice and helpful, putting themselves forward and helping St1 to develop further. They are simply easy to deal with!”

Cissi Janssen tells us that she sees nothing but benefits from e-signing: “In fact, it is easier to get new customers when you let them complete their application directly when they have time. Once we had made the service available to St1 Private on the website, customers started to e-sign spontaneously, without us having promoted the service. Today, over 70% of all our customers choose to complete their application for private as well as business through Egreement's solution. In short, it's no hassle and we're very happy!”

Note: The St1 Group owns the unmanned St1 stations and the manned Shell stations. The Shell brand is used under a trademark licence.