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Egreement's e-contracts are the perfect solution for both large and small businesses. The service is intuitive, flexible and allows you to manage contracts in a clear and efficient way. You upload the agreement to be signed, send it to the other party and can then monitor and check the status on an ongoing basis, giving you complete control over the process.

Computer with e-agreements

Egreement API

User-friendly and easily integrated API with powerful support features.

Includes all signing methods

Advanced and practical email notifications

Webhooks for contract status

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Computer with e-agreements

Egreement web service

Simple and trusted service featuring BankID and multiple e-signing options.

Include your branding for a seamless customer experience

Track statuses and events easily

Convenient search-driven e-archive

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Person connected to the service


Use BankID to safely authenticate your e-signatures and counterparties, or authenticate by SMS using the API.

Include your branding for a seamless customer experience

Support for your BankID certificate

The ID Now app can authenticate incoming calls

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Magnifying glass reviewing an e-agreement

Digitise Forms

Offer the same great service digitally as you would on paper. Collect data simply and easily using digital forms.

Include your branding for a seamless customer experience

Build, implement and operate forms easily

Integrate with your own systems

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Phone with the landing page in the service


Easy to sign

Less overtime. More time to spare.

E-contracting is simple, fast and means that contracts actually get signed and don't get lost or delayed in unwieldy administration. The process is shorter, the customer is happier and you can quickly focus on the next customer.

Phone with the landing page in the service


Easy to handle - Paperless. Hassle-free.

The cost of managing a paper contract is around SEK 400 per contract. And every year, companies and individuals in Sweden handle millions of contracts. It takes a long time, it's expensive, and it's also very unnecessary.

- In fact, it is easier to get new customers when you let them complete their application directly when they have time. Once we had made the service available to St1 Private on the website, customers started to e-sign spontaneously, without us having promoted the service. In short, it's no hassle and we're delighted!

Cissi Jansen, Customer Service Manager, ST1 Sverige AB

Cissi Janssen

Customer Service Manager, ST1 Sverige AB

Illustration of improved efficiency

More effective

Efficient to get started. Focus on what's important.

With e-contracts, you can shorten the contracting process from days or even weeks to just minutes. It doesn't matter where in the world the contracting parties are - you can sign contracts quickly and easily and focus directly on the deal.

Faster business means more business .

Customers who have switched to e-contracts are cutting their lead times significantly - as many as 80% of documents are signed within 24 hours. Thanks to the fact that all parts of the contracting process are automated and managed electronically in the same system, security, traceability and follow-up are improved.

One service for all your documents

Gather all your documents in one solution. With our service, you can manage all types of documents, from applications and orders to leases and purchase agreements.

Illustration of Egreements services


Create agreement

Due date

Adjust the deadline for entering into an agreement.

Reminder date

Customise the date when a reminder is sent.

Attach files

Customise the date when a reminder is sent.

Contracting parties

Possibility to add one or more contracting parties to your contract.

Signing Scheme

Specify the order in which the agreement should be sent to the parties to an agreement.

Withdraw contract

Possibility to withdraw the contract before it is over.


Groups and sharing

Control access for individual users or groups.


Add and remove users from the service.


Tags allow you to manage the metadata of your contracts.

Follow status

Follow the status throughout the contracting process.

Download contract

Download and save agreements on your local device.

Signing methods


Sign the agreement with BankID.

SMS signature

Sign the agreement by entering a one-time code via SMS.


Sign the agreement by signing with their actual signature.

Click signature

Sign the contract at the touch of a button.

Nordic eIDs

All Nordic eIDs for signing or identification.


Qualified electronic signature.

Notifications and design


A link to the agreement awaiting a signature will be sent by email.


A link to the agreement awaiting a signature will be sent by SMS.


Customise the notifications to be sent.


Adapt the service to your company's graphic profile.

Email templates

Customise the content and appearance of notifications through templates.



BankID or username and password

IP restriction

Allow only specified IP addresses to access the Egreement API.


Storage of contracts and search functions to find your contracts.


Built-in support for correction, deletion and culling.

Tamper-proof contracts

The agreement file includes all necessary information about the signature.


Contracts are always sealed electronically by Egreement.

Your own BankID certificate

Own company certificate for signing or identification.

Identification by contract

Identification with BankID to access the content of a contract.


User support

E-mail and telephone

End User Support

We help your customers find the right information and support.

Guaranteed service level

Agreed service level for technical support by phone and email.

Advanced business partners

Controls who is allowed to sign for a legal entity.


Build your integration to act directly on events.