BankID Identification

With BankID identification, you and your end-user are confident that you are working and communicating securely in your digital environments. You know you have the right party on the other side. It enables remote communication and streamlines your work across digital platforms. With a user-friendly identification solution, the customer experience is also improved, strengthening your brand.

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Safe and Secure

We help you identify your customers digitally with BankID. It's important to feel secure when you and your customers communicate via your digital platforms. Here, identification via BankID is the most secure way to create safe communication. For us, your customers' experience is very important. With our service, you can therefore customise the signing solution based on your brand platform to create a seamless experience for customers

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"As a first step, we have focused on digitalising our procurement process. We have now set the routine for how we will work and share the contracts in the business. It's faster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly."

Anita Kafatzief

System manager at VA SYD

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We help you identify your customers digitally

Our goal is to make it easy for you and your customers. A simple and seamless user experience makes your work more efficient and at the same time builds trust in your brand with your customers. Get started today and easily secure your counterparty's identity using BankID.