Customer case

Sigillet fastihets AB e-signs with Egreement

Sigillet Fastighets AB

Getting contracts signed quickly, securely and with legal certainty was very important for Sigillet Fastighets AB. Sending contracts by post or relying on the customer to print out an email, sign it and send it back was no longer a viable solution. That was the start of the cooperation with Egreement. Sigillet is a Gothenburg-based, family-owned company that owns, manages and leases residential and commercial properties.


Huddinge Samhällsfastigheters företagslogotyp

Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter

Digitising the process of signing documents quickly became a must for Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter when the Corona virus struck and took hold of the community in the spring of 2020.

Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter is a municipal company that owns and manages most of Huddinge's schools and preschools, as well as sports halls, the municipality's retirement homes and outdoor facilities. In total, 157 properties are included, which corresponds to 428 262 sqm of lettable area.


Real Estate

Helsingborgshem chooses FAST2 and Egreement for all digital contracts and forms

Customers want digital and seamless experiences with your brand. They want to be able to do their business whenever and wherever they want without having to deal with opening hours or cumbersome manual processes. The real estate industry is no exception. Digitisation is placing entirely new demands on real estate companies, who need to digitise and automate their processes to meet customer expectations and needs.


Stockholmshem company logotype

"Responsive supplier with broad experience"

Stockholm's largest housing company started working with Egreement while implementing a new property system. That collaboration would later prove vital in overcoming the challenges of homeworking staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Toyotas company logotype

Toyota Financial Services speeds up contract management with integrated e-signature

Toyota's finance company handles leasing and financing solutions for anyone buying a new or used car. Toyota Financial Services (TFS) integrated Egreement’s e-signature solution to streamline financing contracts. Now, the entire contracting process is handled digitally between Toyota's dealers, the end-customer and TFS. Thanks to Egreement’s e-signature solution, TFS receives a signed contract faster, can pay the dealer faster and start up the customer's contract faster. It’s ideal. For everyone.


VA SYD:s company logotype

High-priority digitalisation journey

VA SYD supplies drinking water and handles of household waste and wastewater for five municipalities in Scania in the south of Sweden.

VA SYD is in the middle of a high-priority digitalisation journey and chose Egreement as its e-signature provider in 2019 because the solution is user-friendly and easy to work with.


ST1 company logotype

Customer service management for St1:

"Made contract signing easy and positive for our customers"

The challenge:
Increasing competition and greater demands for fast and efficient solutions meant St1 needed a modern e-signing solution. To meet the needs of their customers and provide an efficient service, they could no longer rely on paper contracts, because they create longer lead times and cause more complicated administration.

After researching services, St1 chose Egreement's e-signing solution. St1 chose to fully integrate the e-signature solution into its own business system, and in just three weeks it introduced the service for the first card - St1 Private. The card allows customers to make applications on the website and e-sign contracts directly.

The result:
Thanks to Egreement's automated service with BankID, St1 has halved the processing time for an account application, increased the security of the process and allowed customers to start using their cards much faster. Today, over 70% of all St1 customers choose to apply for both personal and business accounts through Egreement's solution. To put it simply, St1 is delighted!


Tidvis company logotype

Egreement and Tidvis partner to streamline contract processes through e-signing

Egreement and Tidvis have partnered to eliminate administrative and manual steps in daily work by streamlining contract processes through e-signing.

Tidvis provides a full-scale web-based business system for personal assistance. The software efficiently manages scheduling, personnel, payroll and record keeping. With Egreement's contract digitalisation processes, Tidvis' customers save precious time and can focus on helping the people that need their care.


Unit4 company logotype

Integration with real estate systems for Unit4:

"Egreement was the integration partner we needed"

The challenge:
Unit4 delivers ERP systems, industry-focused and best-in-class solutions to thousands of customers. Unit4 needed a partner to help its real estate clients with international contract solutions.

Unit4 chose to integrate with Egreement Connect, which meant it could embed the Egreement signing service into its own property system. The solution is now available to all customers using the property system.

The result:
Unit4 integrated Egreement Connect, which helped to further strengthen its position in the real estate market. This is another way that Unit4 is developing solutions for smart digital transformation.


Åkersberga Bygg & Trä AB company logo

"More professional to have e-signature of the account application on the website."

Åkersberga Bygg & Trä AB is part of Woody Bygghandel, which is continuously working to improve the customer experience.

Åkersberga Bygg & Trä has now chosen to digitise both the account application for companies and individuals through digital forms on the website that can be e-signed. Previously, the account application was available as a PDF on the website and the customer had to download, print, scan, email or hand in the account application in the shop. This led to time-consuming administration and poor data quality.


MoneyGo:s företagslogotyp

"Egreement are cooperative and always on their toes"

MoneyGo is a Swedish financial services company under the supervision of Finansinspektionen. The company focuses on two business areas; lending products to the consumer market and payment and financing solutions to the retail market. Egreement has been delivering their solution for e-signing of customer contracts and identification to the retail market since 2016.