Digital contracts made simple

Sign agreements faster with smart e-contracts.

Digital signatures from Egreement let your business manage contracts and agreements quickly and clearly.

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Better, faster agreements

Paper costs more and take longer. Egreement has changed that. Save up to 400 SEK per contract by going digital and choosing e-signatures.

Simple. Digital. Faster.

Egreement's Pro API is modern and REST-based so you can create simple, flexible and scalable solutions that solve your digital challenges.

Focus on what's important

E-signatures cut contracting time from weeks to minutes. Wherever you are in the world, go digital and e-sign contracts faster than ever before.

E-contracts and Identification with BankID

Choose Egreement for secure, flexible and eco-friendly solutions to your digital needs. Since 2006, we’ve been committed to providing high quality e-sign and identification services without relying on physical paperwork.

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Egreement API

User-friendly and easily integrated API with powerful support features.

Includes all signing methods

Advanced and practical email notifications

Webhooks for contract status

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Computer with e-agreements

Egreement web service

Simple and trusted service featuring BankID and multiple e-signing options.

Include your branding for a seamless customer experience

Track statuses and events easily

Convenient search-driven e-archive

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Use BankID to safely authenticate your e-signatures and counterparties, or authenticate by SMS using the API.

Include your branding for a seamless customer experience

Support for your BankID certificate

The ID Now app can authenticate incoming calls

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Digitise Forms

Offer the same great service digitally as you would on paper. Collect data simply and easily using digital forms.

Include your branding for a seamless customer experience

Build, implement and operate forms easily

Integrate with your own systems

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Our customer stories

Toyotas company logotype

Integrated e-signature delivers faster contract management for Toyota Financial Services

Cees de Groot

Head of IT and Business Development

Toyota's finance company handles leasing and financing solutions for anyone buying a new or used car. Toyota Financial Services (TFS) integrated Egreement’s e-signature solution into their business system to streamline financing contracts.

Stockholmshem company logotype

Egreement's e-signature helped Stockholmshem during the Covid-19 pandemic

Allan Hansson

IT Manager

Stockholm's largest housing company started working with Egreement while implementing a new property system. That collaboration that would later prove very helpful in overcoming the challenges of homeworking staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

VA SYD:s company logotype

"We are only at the beginning of our digitalisation journey"

Anita Kafatzief

System Administrator

VA SYD is in the middle of a high-priority digitalisation journey. The utility was looking for an e-signature provider that could help solve its digitisation needs. VA SYD selected Egreement because the solution is user-friendly and easy to work with.

ST1 company logotype

"Made contract signing easy and positive for our customers"

Cissi Janssen

Customer Service Manager

St1 needed a modern e-signing solution to meet the needs of its customers and provide an efficient service. The energy company can no longer rely on paper contracts, because they create longer lead times and cause more complicated administration.

Stångåstaden company logotype
Bigbank company logotype


Our innovative solutions streamline your contracting process. By working closely with you as a partner, we can help coordinate your approach to contracting. Many industries can benefit from using common contracting tools.

Do you sell CRM or ERP solutions? Are you an e-commerce platform provider? Would you like to offer your customers effective contract management?

Maybe you’re a trade association, a systems integrator or a company that offers intermediary services. Your members or customers will benefit from our services.

Let’s talk and find the right solution for you.

Tidvis company logotype

A partnership to streamline contract processes

Mattias Lind


Egreement and Tidvis have partnered to eliminate administrative and manual steps in daily work of personal care by streamlining contract processes through e-signing.

Unit4 company logotype

"Egreement was the integration partner we needed"

Johan Söderberg

Nordic Director

Unit4 delivers ERP systems, industry-focused and best-in-class solutions to thousands of customers. With annual revenue of €500 million and more than 4,000 employees worldwide, Unit4 needed a partner to help its real-estate clients with international contract solutions.

Tieto company logotype
Fast2 company logotype

Simple. Scalable. Effective.

The Egreement Pro API is a modern REST-based API that makes it easy to create simple, flexible and scalable solutions that meet your needs and solve your challenges.

API Documentation
{ "title": "Rental agreement", "expireOn": "20190417T220000Z", "parties": [ { "type": "PRIVATE", "firstName": "Hans", "lastName": "Tenant", "email": "", "signingConfigurations": [ { "type": "EID", "country": "EN" } ] } ], "attachments": [ { "name": "Contract.pdf", "type": "BASE64", "data": "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" } ] }