May 07, 2021

How e-signing can help real estate companies during the corona pandemic

Since the coronavirus took off in earnest over a year ago, large parts of society have more or less shut down. In a very short time, organisations have had to switch to teleworking and the question is whether we will ever return to what we once saw as normal. The report "Swedes and the Internet 2020" provides a unique picture of the rapid digitalisation that has taken place in our society as a result of the corona crisis. All industries and organisations have been affected in some way, but for some industries the crisis has meant a very rapid transformation in order to survive.

Mar 30, 2021

Helsingborgshem chooses FAST2 and Egreement for all digital contracts and forms

Customers want digital and seamless experiences with your brand. They want to be able to manage their affairs whenever and wherever they want without having to rely on business hours or cumbersome manual processes. The real estate industry is no exception. Digitisation is placing entirely new demands on real estate companies, who need to digitise and automate their processes to meet customer expectations and needs.

Nov 27, 2016

Egreement strengthens its cash position with SEK 5 million to accelerate further expansion!

Egreement, one of Sweden's leading companies in the digitalisation of contract processes, is carrying out a new share issue totalling SEK 5 million from the company's main shareholders Gullspång Invest, Gavia Food Holding and CEO Patrick Wilkinson. The issue is being made to finance the company's continued growth ambitions in connection with the ongoing wave of digitalisation in contract management and identification.

Oct 30, 2016

eFörvaltningsdagarna - Sweden's largest meeting place in e-government and digital transformation

[eFörvaltningsdagarna]( is Sweden's largest conference and meeting place in e-government and digital transformation. The fair is organised by Hexanova and was held at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö. We at Egreement were there this year to meet representatives from the public sector, listen to inspiring speakers and discuss challenges for the future. The impression from the days we think can be summarised with Ann Hellenius' words, CIO Stockholm City - "The best digitalisation is the one that is not noticed but just facilitates".

Jun 15, 2016

For St1, e-signing is part of first-class customer service

St1 is a modern energy company with an environmental focus, short decision-making paths and a desire to find new, efficient solutions that permeate the entire company. Cissi Janssen is Customer Service Manager at St1 Sweden. She was the driving force behind the introduction of e-signing for more efficient administration and, above all, to make it easier for customers to apply for the various fuel cards administered by St1 Sweden.

Mar 21, 2016

10 years of e-signing and smart contract solutions!

In March 2006, Egreement was launched with the vision of making contract signing easier. At the time, the concept of e-signing was relatively unknown in Sweden. Use had started to take off, but it was mainly the banks that offered identification with e-identification. The Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency were early to adapt their services, but at that time no one was signing contracts digitally and signing via tablet, SMS and email did not exist.

Feb 14, 2016

Property Fair South in Malmö

Real estate is a sector where many contracts are handled: leases, garage space agreements, terminations, etc. I visited the Fastighetsmässan Syd trade fair in Malmö last week to talk about e-signing and electronic contract processes with partners and customers, and I can say that there was an incredible amount of pressure and interest. Many people I spoke to said that they have digitised a large part of their business processes, but that the contracts with customers in particular are still handled manually - with paper mail and ballpoint pen. But it's time to change that now!