MoneyGo:s företagslogotyp


MoneyGo is a Swedish financial services company under the supervision of Finansinspektionen. The company focuses on two business areas; lending products to the consumer market and payment and financing solutions to the retail market. Egreement has been delivering their solution for e-signing of customer contracts and identification to the retail market since 2016.

MoneyGo contacted us at Egreement in 2015 when they were going to procure an e-signature and BankID identification provider to log in to their website. The need had arisen as the business had grown and they were looking for a solution to make the contracting process smoother and more environmentally friendly. The choice to integrate with Egreement was determined by three factors: affordability of the service, willingness to work together and a high level of service.

Before we switched to e-signing, we sent out all the contracts by post. It was time-consuming, worse for the environment and there was always a risk that a contract would get lost. The introduction of e-signing enabled us to simplify the entire contracting process," says Martin Johansson, CEO of MoneyGo.

Today, the basic need for a smooth contracting process and secure identification remains a key business issue. The advantage today is also that e-identification is so widespread and well developed that it is also applicable when we develop new services, says Martin Johansson, CEO of MoneyGo.