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Helsingborgshem chooses FAST2 and Egreement for all digital contracts and forms

Customers want digital and seamless experiences with your brand. They want to be able to do their business whenever and wherever they want without having to deal with opening hours or cumbersome manual processes. The real estate industry is no exception. Digitisation is placing entirely new demands on real estate companies, who need to digitise and automate their processes to meet customer expectations and needs.

In recent years, Helsingborgshem has seen a clear trend towards tenants wanting to be able to handle their affairs at their convenience. Having to rely on special opening hours or paper handling was no longer a sustainable solution. Helsingborgshem wanted to facilitate the handling of rental agreements and forms for its tenants and chose to introduce e-signature via Egreement.

A complete solution with Egreement and FAST2

Helsingborgshem had previously chosen the FAST2 business system to digitise its business processes.

FAST2 provides comprehensive support for contracts and lease administration. The system has achieved functionality that covers the vast majority of real estate needs through customer requirements, including support for contract management, rent billing, rent notification, collections, claims management and much more.

FAST2 integrates with most financial systems on the Swedish market and when it comes to digital signing, FAST2 has had a stable partnership with Egreement for many years.

"When our need for digital signing was a fact, FAST2 pointed to Egreement as their chosen partner. This made the choice easy for us. All the integrations are in place which means we can really get maximum value from the system. Then we also chose to put other parts that were not directly related to real estate, i.e. digital forms, with Egreement. We see a big advantage in having everything in one place. It gives us better traceability and control. "

- Richard Mauritsson, IT-chef på Helsingborgshem

Egreement has been in the real estate business for a long time and it is a complex industry that is in great need of digital solutions. Both large and small real estate companies have much to gain from digitising contract management and authentication.

Helsingborgshem has really managed to maximise the business value from the partnership between FAST2 and Egreement.

By using all digital services: e-signing via API as well as web service, authentication and digital forms, Helsingborgshem can get a really nice user experience for the end customer and at the same time full traceability and transparency in the business system.

"Egreement and FAST2 are fully integrated for e-signature, authentication and digital forms. We also have an active collaboration on the technology side to develop new functionality all the time. Our collaboration is based on continuous development to best support our common customers in the real estate industry. "

- Patrick Wilkinson, CEO of Egreement

Digitisation in the real estate sector offers great time savings

At Helsingborgshem, contract management used to be a time-consuming and manual process. To get a contract signed, employees had to print the documents, go around internally to collect the required signatures, send the document to the supplier or end customer by email or letter, only to receive it back with the signature several days or weeks later. An unnecessarily long and time-consuming process that has now been digitised and automated. Helsingborgshem has now gone from days to hours or minutes for some tasks.

"Digital signing is very important to us. It will save a lot of time and resources. We are quickly seeing a significant reduction in workload and we can already see a clear ROI on our investment. "

- Richard Mauritsson, Head of IT at Helsingborgshem

For Helsingborgshem as an end customer, one of the success factors is that FAST2 and Egreement have been so cooperative in their partnership. The digital services offered by Egreement have been a desired and natural complement to FAST2 and at the same time Helsingborgshem has always been able to make demands on one supplier even if the solution itself was delivered by two different partners. This has facilitated the process and contributed to a smooth and solution-oriented journey for Helsingborgshem.

"Automating business processes simplifies things for everyone. The whole process, including digital signing, is linked to the real estate system and is connected all the way. It's a big win for the end customer. E-signing makes it easier for all parties in a process that was previously very time-consuming and manual. Therefore, the cooperation with Egreement is strategically important for us. "

- Kristin Berg, CEO of FAST2

Richard's top 3 tips for real estate companies looking to go digital

Digitisation is about changing traditional ways of working and patterns. It requires patience and the ability to bring everyone along for the ride. The past year has certainly helped to accelerate the pace of digitisation, but to succeed, here are three tips from Richard at Helsingborgshem:

  1. Prepare the organisation - make sure your organisation is ready for digital signing. Even if the change is for the better, the organisation needs to be prepared for new ways of working.
  2. Keep track of your processes – automation makes things easier and more efficient, but it also requires you to keep an eye on your internal processes. You can't automate without clear processes and structure.
  3. Be open to change – it is difficult to change working methods and patterns. We are often comfortable doing what we have always done, but dare to be open to change and new ways of working.

About Helsingborgshem

Helsingborgshem is a public housing company owned by the City of Helsingborg. With approximately 12,000 rental apartments in 31 areas, we are the largest player in the housing market in Helsingborg. Approximately one in five citizens of Helsingborg live with Helsingborgshem.

They offer a wide range of homes for customers with different wants and needs. Ranging from standard apartments of various sizes and designs, to townhouses, security housing, student rooms, senior housing and collective housing. In addition to housing, they also rent out premises that accommodate everything from health centres and shops to pre-schools and businesses.

About FAST2

FAST2 Affärssystem AB is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of business systems to real estate companies. With FAST2 you get a business system and a supplier that puts the customer in focus. FAST2 gives the customer's employees the right tools based on the role and responsibility they have. This results in efficient processes and an organisation that can unlock its full potential.

FAST2 has a long experience in the real estate industry, having been around since 1996, and the system dates back to the mid-1980s. Their mission is to create more digital opportunities for a changing real estate industry.

Richard Mauritsson

Richard Mauritsson, Head of IT at Helsingborgshem

Kristing Berg

Kristin Berg, CEO of FAST2