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Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter

Digitising the process of signing documents quickly became a must for Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter when the Corona virus struck and took hold of the community in the spring of 2020.

Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter is a municipal company that owns and manages most of Huddinge's schools and preschools, as well as sports halls, the municipality's retirement homes and outdoor facilities. In total, 157 properties are included, which corresponds to 428 262 sqm of lettable area.

Unique integration with the real estate system

When the company's employees started working remotely during the Corona pandemic, the need to be able to easily sign documents digitally, such as minutes and agreements related to board work, purchasing, HR and finance, quickly arose. The choice fell on Egreement.

"We used to work traditionally with pen and paper for signing, but when the pandemic changed our working situation, we needed a digital solution. Egreement was the only provider that could offer a service with integration to our real estate system FAST2 and here we saw a great added value for us compared to what the competitors could offer, says Mathias Holm, IT & Digitalisation Manager at Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter."

According to Mathias Holm, the most important change resulting from the solution is the ability to work in a smooth and simple way with the agreements and other documents that require signatures. Employees also appreciated that Egreement's solution was in place quickly and that it streamlines workflows and saves time when signing.

About Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter

The company's mission is to own, develop and manage community properties in Huddinge in a service-oriented manner to meet the municipality's needs for appropriate and cost-effective premises. In addition to operation and maintenance, Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter also works on renovations, extensions and new buildings. Huddinge is a growing municipality and there is a great need for more preschools and schools.

Mathias Holm, Head of IT & Digitalisation

Mathias Holm, IT & Digitalisation Manager at Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter