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Unit4 is a leading provider of business systems. Its annual revenues are €500 million and it has over 4,000 employees worldwide. Unit4 needed a partner to help its real estate customers handle international contract solutions.

Unit4 chose to partner with Egreement, and integrated Egreement's e-signing solution into its own Property Management system. That allowed it to offer high quality solutions to create greater added value for its customers.

"Available to all our customers"

The challenge:
Unit4 delivers ERP systems, industry-focused and best-in-class solutions to thousands of customers. Unit4 needed a partner to help its real estate clients with international contract solutions.

Unit4 chose to integrate with Egreement Connect, which meant it could embed the Egreement signing service into its own property system. The solution is now available to all customers using the property system.

The result:
Unit4 integrated Egreement Connect, which helped to further strengthen its position in the real estate market. This is another way that Unit4 is developing solutions for smart digital transformation.

“We chose to become an integration partner with Egreement, as their Connect service enabled them to embed their signing service into our own property system,” says Johan Söderberg, Nordic Director Local Products at Unit4. “This made the solution available to all our customers who use Property Management.”

Integration meant that Unit4 can now create, sign and manage its contracts directly in its own business systems. Despite the challenge and complexity of delivering a seamless integration solution, the partnership was very successful, as Johan says: “The e-signing solution further strengthens our position in the real estate market and we see this as another example of how Unit4 develops solutions for a smart digital transformation.”

High technical competence

When Unit4 launched its latest version of the ERP system in Norway, it was a great opportunity to work with Egreement and help Unit4 to grow internationally.

“The integration went smoothly here as well, thanks in large part to the technical expertise and the excellent cooperation with Egreement. Egreement was able to offer local e-identifications and language support, which helped us at Unit4 to be able to offer modern system support in a new geographical market,” says Johan.