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Åkersberga Bygg & Trä AB is part of XL-BYGG, which is continuously working to improve the customer experience.

Åkersberga Bygg & Trä has now chosen to digitise both the account application for companies and individuals through digital forms on the website that can be e-signed. Previously, the account application was available as a PDF on the website and the customer had to download, print, scan, email or hand in the account application in the shop. This led to time-consuming administration and poor data quality. Now everything is done digitally on the website, the data is validated and the PDF is e-signed. And most importantly, it's easier to become a customer.

"The cooperation with Egreement has worked very well. We have designed and also tested the form together with Egreement, which has good experience of forms for the construction trade," says Jens Mårdh, IT manager.