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Egreement's e-signature helped Stockholmshem during the Covid-19 pandemic

Stockholmshem has over 27,000 apartments and about 350 employees. Stockholm's largest housing company started working with Egreement in 2019 while implementing a new property system. That collaboration proved very helpful in overcoming the challenges of staff working from home during the Corona pandemic. Stockholmshem IT Manager Allan Hansson is in charge of IT digital development projects.

"We started working with Egreement in spring 2019," Allan says. "It was in connection with the purchase of a new real estate system, FAST2, which was to be implemented. In the system, we handle everything that has to do with our customers, such as customer contracts, orders and work orders. We then needed an e-signature tool with BankID integrated into the system to handle the contract parts. There is an expectation today among our customers to be able to manage their contracts directly via the Internet, so it was a matter of course for us to make it as smooth and easy as possible for them. Thanks to Egreement's experience in integrating with FAST2, they were the supplier of choice."

The cooperation has evolved to include more services, with Egreement creating digital forms for subletting and transfer of contracts. Tenants download forms directly from Stockholmshem's website and can fill them in and sign them digitally.

Facilitating homework during the pandemic

In autumn 2019, the development of an additional service with Egreement to use e-signature for documents not linked to the real estate system started. In particular documents related to purchasing and procurement, HR and finance. And although there was interest internally, it was difficult for departments to find the time to commit to such a new solution. Something that changed completely when the Corona pandemic hit in March 2020.

- We started building up knowledge of this tool six months before the pandemic," Allan says. But it was difficult to get departments to prioritise implementation as they saw other priorities. Then, when the pandemic hit full force, the need changed quickly as all employees suddenly had to work from home. It became clear that colleagues working from home could not sign contracts, sign and cross-post as they had done before. But thanks to the fact that we had already started developing the e-signing solution, it only took us 2 weeks to get up and running. If we hadn't had it in place, we would have been in a very difficult situation.

Allan Hansson

Allan Hansson, Head of IT at Stockholmshem