Sigillet fastihets AB e-signs with Egreement

Sigillet Fastighets AB

Getting contracts signed quickly, securely and with legal certainty was very important for Sigillet Fastighets AB. Sending contracts by post or relying on the customer to print out an email, sign it and send it back was no longer a viable solution. That was the start of the cooperation with Egreement. Sigillet is a Gothenburg-based, family-owned company that owns, manages and leases residential and commercial properties.

Sigillet is signing and signing several contracts this week. Digitising this process therefore saves the company a lot of time and manual administration.

Digitalisation of the contracting process in real estate

Finding a modern and secure solution that Sigillet can grow with was one of the reasons they started testing Egreement. They had heard about Egreement's digital contracting solutions through their partner, Fastighetsägarna, and it led to a successful implementation. Today, the company uses Egreement's web service to upload and manage their contracts.

Sigillet works on a very simple idea: if the customers are happy, we are happy. We have received very good feedback from our customers since we started using Egreement's E-contracting solution, which shows that they are satisfied with the electronic contracting process we have put in place.

- Adam Nilsson, Head of Stockholm Region at Sigillet. __

Egreement's solution is comprehensive

Previously, Sigillet used a simpler solution for electronic signatures, but because legal and security issues are so important, they looked further for a more comprehensive and sophisticated solution. A solution that could handle all aspects of the contracting process.

The solution we had before was very simple. We felt that we wanted a more sophisticated solution that we could grow with and that customers would feel comfortable with. Since we had heard about Egreement through Property Owners, we looked into the solution. The legal aspects are incredibly important to us and that is one of the reasons why we are so confident and satisfied with Egreement's solution.

- Adam Nilsson

The introduction of electronic contracts and signatures has freed up a lot of time in the contracting process for Sigillet. This is time that can now be spent on core business and customers instead.

The biggest benefit is that all parking agreements can now be signed very quickly. Tenants have given very good feedback and we ourselves are experiencing a big time saving. When we send an agreement today, we never have to think about sending any instructions. We just email the agreement and we know that Egreement will take care of the rest. It feels very safe and good all the way to signing.

- Adam Nilsson

About Sigillet

The company has been operating since 1981 and currently owns Sigillet Fastighets AB in Gothenburg, Mölndal, Kungälv, Helsingborg and Stockholm. For Sigillet, it's not enough for customers to find an apartment or office space - they want customers to find a place they can call home. With this customer-oriented approach, they operate and manage residential and commercial premises today.

Adam Nilsson