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Toyota's finance company handles leasing and financing solutions for anyone buying a new or used car. Toyota Financial Services (TFS) integrated Egreement’s e-signature solution to streamline financing contracts. Now, the entire contracting process is handled digitally between Toyota's dealers, the end-customer and TFS. Thanks to Egreement’s e-signature solution, TFS receives a signed contract faster, can pay the dealer faster and start up the customer's contract faster. It’s ideal. For everyone.

Toyota Financial Services’ IT Business Development Manager Cees de Groot has been with the company for over 20 years. His role includes developing digital solutions that improve the customer experience.

"It's great to work with Egreement," says Cees. "They are always on their toes and responsive to our development needs, and take a proactive role in the projects we have. They are a long-term partner that I can really recommend!"

Customers can review and sign contracts anywhere

One of the solutions Egreement and TFS developed together is e-signatures for financing agreements at dealerships. The solution is integrated in existing systems so that dealers can access the service in the same place as other business tools. This makes contract management much simpler for dealers and customers.

"It's a modern and flexible way to manage contracts," says Cees. "The dealer produces the contract in our business system and then sends a link to the customer, who can review and sign it in the comfort of their own home. The same goes for us and the dealer. All parties can quickly and easily put their digital signature on the contract, which is then stored in our shared database. This has made the whole process faster for everyone involved."

Since putting the solution in place, TFS has received very positive feedback from their dealers.

“This was much anticipated by our dealers,” says Cees. “It's very convenient for them to not have to deal with physical paperwork that has to be sent to all parties. Now everything is done in one system.”

Secure customer experience with a BankID certificate

As well as e-signing, Toyota Financial Services also uses Egreement's identification solution, individual BankID, certificates to assist logins.

“Our customer portal gives our customers a full overview of their contracts and allows them to handle common issues on their own," says Cees. “Being able to log in with BankID with our own certificate provides a safe and secure experience for customers.”

What’s Cees’ number one tip for companies yet to go digital? “Everything is being digitised at a rapid pace today, so don't wait too long," says Cees. We agree.

Cees de Groot

Cees de Groot, IT-business development manager