Mar 21, 2016

10 years of e-signing and smart contract solutions!

Patrick Wilkinson, CEO Egreement](/images/uploads/patrick.jpg "Patrick Wilkinson, CEO Egreement")

In March 2006, Egreement was launched with the vision of making contract signing easier. At the time, the concept of e-signing was relatively unknown in Sweden. Usage had started to take off, but it was mainly the banks that offered identification with e-identification. The Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency were early to adapt their services, but at that time no one was signing contracts digitally and signing via tablet, SMS and email did not exist.

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of development! Today, at Egreement, we deliver around 600,000 transactions on an annual basis and we are seeing significant growth. Interest from companies and organisations is high and the issue is a high priority in many management teams. The requirements are more complex and solution-oriented. It is no longer enough to simply offer signing or identification. Companies want automation and to see real benefits, they are looking for a partner.

10 years on and I am confident that we will continue to see very strong growth over the next 10 years! The trend is towards fully automated contracting processes and we at Egreement look forward to continuing to help businesses into the paperless society.

I hope you will join us on this journey!

Patrick Wilkinson, CEO Egreement

FAST2 sees big efficiency gains for its customers "Using e-signature and digital contracts is a SIMPLE decision." says Henrik Smidskog, Sales and Marketing Manager FAST2.

FAST2 is the market leader in business systems for municipal housing companies in Sweden and is now also growing in the private sector. FAST2 is also one of Egreement's partners in the real estate market and sees great efficiency gains for its customers when they start e-signing.

Read more about how FAST2 estimates that a digital business process can reduce the administration around renting by up to 90%, especially in the later part of the process when paper has to be printed, sent, signed, archived.

You might want to try e-signing today?

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