Oct 28, 2020

10 years with our first customer Bolagspartner

Anniversary photo with Egreement and Bolagspartner logos

Congratulations to us! We are celebrating 10 years together with our first customer Bolagspartner. That may not sound like much, but 10 years is a very long time in our fast-paced world. 10 years ago, there was no mobile BankID. Pirate sharing was still hot and the iPhone was a relatively new product. Remember? It seems like ages ago, as it is in the world of technology.

In 2010, Bolagspartner and Egreement were both start-ups and our common drive was to use digital solutions to change the way we work. We were both at the absolute forefront of digitalisation from the start and that journey continues.

Bolagspartner has reshaped the warehousing industry by driving digitalisation and automation within a traditional industry. And we at Egreement were the first in the Nordics with a cloud-based e-signing solution.

"Egreement has consistently delivered a stable and good product. They have also been at the forefront of important functionality that has been crucial for us", says Karl-Johan Tångby, CEO and founder to Bolagspartner.

Egreement's e-signing solution has been an integral part of Bolagpartner's process since its inception and we now look forward to the next 10 years together.