Apr 22, 2021

Digital signing is just a click away for real estate companies

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As customers and tenants, we are much more demanding today than we were a few years ago. Today, consumers demand direct access to services and information everywhere and without delay. We don't want to deal with opening hours and manual processes that take up our time. We have no patience for paperwork and delays in our customer journey.

The way we interact, communicate and consume services has been fundamentally transformed by smart technology and digital tools. We are constantly connected and demand it from companies too. No industry is escaping this evolution and the faster we embrace the impact of digitalisation, the faster we can create better and more seamless customer experiences for the end customer.

The real estate industry is facing a major digital shift. Tenants and customers are demanding digital ways to communicate with real estate companies, and it should be on the customer's terms. On the way home from work, at the weekend and preferably via mobile.

Critical business systems in real estate

For real estate companies, the business system is the heart of the business. All digitisation and integrations start from the base, which is the business system. Most real estate companies choose their business system first, and then add on ancillary services such as electronic signatures, digital forms, communications and so on.

For municipal property companies, FAST2 is the most common solution because it is a comprehensive system. This means that FAST2 covers all the main business processes of a real estate company. All information is stored in a single database and made available in real time to different users in different locations from customised user interfaces. The administrator in the office uses the system application, while the property manager uses a mobile interface and the tenant finally uses the website.

Unit4 Property Management is a mobile, powerful and automated business system for the real estate industry that most private, commercial real estate companies use. Property Management is designed to support and streamline real estate processes while putting people at the centre of both tenant and contract management. Unit4 delivers a complete business system solution where Property Management is the backbone with master data, combined with finance and financial processes in Unit4 ERP and Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis.

Property systems such as FAST2 and Unit4 have, through customer requirements, achieved functionality that covers the vast majority of real estate needs, including support for contract management, rent billing, rent notification, collections, claims management and much more.

Standardised lease agreements and templates via Property Owners documents

For many real estate companies, membership in Fastighetsägarna is a convenient and secure way to access agreements and templates needed in the process. In the Property Owners' digital service, members can find all the standard agreements and templates needed in the real estate industry regarding housing, premises and condominiums. In addition, having these agreements and documents directly integrated with an electronic signature solution via Egreement allows landlords to sign rental agreements with one click in just a few minutes. Safe, fast and easy!

Egreement's integrations towards the real estate industry

The trend is clear - signing contracts with a click attracts both large and small real estate companies. It no longer takes high volumes to make electronic contracts an attractive solution. This type of service can really make life easier for companies large and small. Especially when it is difficult to meet tenants in person.

For over 14 years, we at Egreement have been offering a complete cloud-based service for automating the contracting process for businesses. Most of our customers are real estate companies and we know that the industry is facing major challenges and a big digitalisation journey. For us, it is important that your tenants and customers get the best possible experience from interacting with you. In fact, we were the first in the world to offer an eID identification and signing service, second only to banks and government agencies. For us, a complete service is about the following three elements:

  1. Electronic signature - via web or API
  2. Identification with BankID and SMS
  3. Digital forms

For electronic signing and forms services, we have a ready integration with the FAST2 business system and for Unit4, a ready integration for e-signing via API is in place. For other business systems, this integration can of course be reused and tailored as needed. With these integrations, the implementation time can be shortened considerably and you can be up and running with your digital leases and documents much faster than with other solutions that lack this integration.

Having a comprehensive and ready integration with your property system and Property Owners Documents means that all digital forms and agreements are directly integrated with your business-critical business system. This saves time and manual administration while providing you with high data quality.

In addition, the integrations continue to be optimised and developed all the time. The deep cooperation that Egreement has with real estate system providers means that the scope and functionality is constantly expanded and improved. Everything is driven by the needs of the customers.

"We still don't meet the tenant physically, therefore electronic signatures are mission critical today. The integrations between Egreement and FAST2, Unit4 and Property Owners Documents are already complete. The solution is a click away and then you can send off the contract for signature. It couldn't be simpler or more traceable. "

- Patrick Wilkinson, CEO of Egreement

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