Oct 28, 2020

E-sign directly in the e-Avrop procurement system

Image of Egreement and e-Avrops company logos

We continue to digitalise and challenge the way we work. We are extremely proud that it is now possible to e-sign contracts directly in the e-Avrops procurement system using our solution. A big step for the digitalisation of the purchasing process.

e-Avrop is a Swedish company that provides knowledge and systems for the digital purchasing process. Procurement can be a heavy process and the desire to digitalise and streamline the work is great. Since we started working with e-Avrop last year, we see that the response is huge.

"There is a great interest from the public sector to digitalise the procurement process and we see that the pace has further increased this year", says Ernest Wessman, CEO of e-Avrop.

e-Avrop is working purposefully to continuously add value to its service and e-signing via Egreement fits very well into this work.

"We are very happy about the cooperation and see that together we can create more value for our customers. The trend is clear, the pace of digitalisation is increasing and companies want integrated solutions", says Patrick Wilkinson, CEO of Egreement.