May 10, 2016

E-signing is hot among property owners

Andrés Küchler, Customer Manager, Egreement

In the last few weeks, two very interesting user meetings have been organised by Fastighetsägarna Dokument, first in Gothenburg and then in Malmö. During both meetings it was clear that the industry is looking for opportunities to streamline its processes and that a service like e-signing is timely.

In both Gothenburg and Malmö, the rooms were filled to capacity with Fastighetsägarna Dokument's customers. Presentations were interspersed with discussions and there was talk of new documents in the service (but also of stalled lease negotiations).

I was there on behalf of Egreement to talk about our great cooperation with the Property Owners and about the e-signing service that is now available in Property Owners Documents. A lot has happened in the e-signing area in recent months and more and more companies are now seeing the benefits of moving from manual processes to more streamlined and cost-effective automated solutions, not least in the real estate industry.

I received a lot of questions from the audience, which confirms that e-signature is hot right now among property owners: more people have understood what it is all about and now clearly see the opportunities that eID can bring. So people want to know more about the details. In this case, Egreement's solution is fully integrated into the Property Owners' Document and therefore very easy for all connected property owners to use.

After two inspiring days, I conclude that the process has now started in earnest. The e-signature issue is just as high on the property owners' table as it should be! Because with e-signing of contracts, it will be easier for both the property owner and the tenant.

Andrés Küchler, Account Manager, Egreement