Mar 01, 2016

E-signing simplifies contract management

Since October 2015, e-signing has been included in the Fastighetsägarnas' standard contract service, Property Owners Documents. Several users have already started e-signing their contracts, but for those who have not yet tried it, we would like to tell you a bit more about how it works.

E-signing makes contracting easier. Both parties can sign the contract instantly without having to send paper back and forth. In Fastighetsägarnas Documents, e-signing works by using your BankID or mobile BankID to sign the contract, making the security of the signature very high and the contract legally binding.

How does it work?

In short, the e-signing process in Fastighetsägarna Documents is as follows:

Once the file is paid, the "e-signing" button appears. You select e-signing, identify yourself with your eID, specify who will sign the agreement and press the "Create agreement" button. If you have to sign yourself, you can do so directly in the flow. As soon as the other party has signed, all contracting parties will receive an email notification with the signed contract in PDF format.More information can be found here on the Fastighetsägarnas' website.By e-signing the contract directly, the customer reduces the risk of the contract being forgotten or, in the worst case, lost in the processing of the contract. The whole process becomes smoother and time is saved.

Katja Kalda, Marketing Manager, Fastighetsägarna Document: "We are pleased to be able to offer e-signing directly in the service to our users in Fastighetsägarna Document through our cooperation agreement with Egreement. We know that there is a demand for the service and a great curiosity to get started with e-signing among our customers."

Get started with the service directly at Fastighetsägarna Document.