Nov 27, 2016

Egreement strengthens its cash position with SEK 5 million to accelerate further expansion!

Egreement, one of Sweden's leading companies in the digitisation of contract processes, is carrying out a new share issue totalling SEK 5 million from the company's main shareholders Gullspång Invest, Gavia Food Holding and CEO Patrick Wilkinson. The issue is being made to finance the company's continued growth ambitions in connection with the ongoing wave of digitalisation in contract management and identification.

In parallel with the new issue, board professional and IT veteran Rolf Hallencreutz joins as Chairman of the Board. Erik Brandberg and Gustaf Brandberg from Gullspång Invest and founder Efrem Bergqvist will continue to serve on Egreement's board of directors.

Egreement (formerly E-avtal) offers complete solutions for digital signing and identification. Egreement's customers include the telecom, finance, real estate and insurance industries.

'We remain convinced that many companies have much to gain from digitising the identification and signing of important agreements. We are delighted that Rolf Hallencreutz is now joining the board and look forward to Egreement's continued work to streamline more companies' agreement processes.' Erik Brandberg, Gullspång Invest.

'Egreement is at an exciting stage with a focus on scalable solutions for companies that want to streamline the contracting process. The market to digitise contracts is growing rapidly and we are well positioned to grow even faster. We are delighted that Gullspång Invest and the Mattsson family are enabling this journey.'_ Patrick Wilkinson, CEO Egreement AB.

For more information, please contact:

Patrick Wilkinson, CEO Egreement, 070 - 511 44 88

Amelie Friedman, Marketing & Press Egreement, 070 - 993 04 91