Jun 20, 2016

Egreement's new contract format makes the process even clearer

Electronic signing, e-signing, should be easy. At Egreement, we think it should be so simple that you don't have to ask anyone or read the instructions. That's why we're launching a new contract format (look and feel) that makes it easier, clearer and actually more secure, to manage your contracts with us.

The new interface will make it easier to follow the contracting process and to see who has signed or rejected the contract. It will also be easier to see what happened afterwards, when the process is complete.

Clear buttons for signing or rejecting the agreement.Information on the status of the agreement is always visible when logged in, e.g. who has signed or rejected the agreement.A clear audit trail is generated when the process is completed and archived with the agreement.
"This change is a natural step in streamlining the contracting process for businesses. It hasn't been difficult to e-sign contracts through us in the past, but with the new contract format we have further improved the experience for contracting parties, while further increasing security." says Peter Ousbäck, Head of Development at Egreement.

He continues, "It should be easy to e-sign a contract! Then the agreement will be signed quickly and all parties will be satisfied. Our new contract format is a big step forward."

But contracts shouldn't just be easy to sign. They should be legally secure too. The technology we use, with so-called checksums for all transactions, means that contracts e-signed with Egreement's service maintain a very high level of legal security and are able to stand up to legal scrutiny. The certificate issued at the end of the process is the legal guarantee.

The new contract format applies to all new contracts processed via the logged-in section of www.egreement.com.