Nov 22, 2023

Exciting New Features

Identification before Review

We have now made it possible for you to request identification with BankID (or SMS) before the parties can view the agreement. This means that if the agreement is sent to the wrong email address, no unauthorized person can read the content. Parties receiving the email notification may also accidentally share the notification with unauthorized individuals who would then be unable to read the content.

The process works as follows:

The user in the web service, i.e., the creator of the agreement, provides not only the name and email address but also the party's personal identification number (or mobile number if identification via SMS is chosen).

When a party clicks the Review button in the email notification, they will need to identify themselves with BankID (or SMS) before the content is displayed.

E-sign with Nordic BankID

In addition to Swedish BankID, we can now offer e-signing of your agreements in the web service with Danish MittID, Norwegian BankID, and Finnish BankID. This means that you can have parties with a combination of all Nordic e-IDs in the same agreement. You, still have access to all other e-signing methods, just as today, which can also be combined as desired in one and the same agreement.


Egreement can also seal the agreement with a digital stamp to simplify the verification of the agreement and further protect its integrity.

This means that Egreement, with the help of an independent third party, adds a certificate after the agreement is concluded. It happens in real-time and does not neither causes any delay nor affects the customer experience. It provides an additional layer of security, and the signed PDF becomes easier to verify.

Validation that the agreement is unchanged is done using a standard PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is sufficient to open the document in a standard PDF reader, and at the top left, there is a green checkmark and the text: "Signed and all signatures are valid" if the document corresponds to the original.

Learn more about technical and legal security here

Your own BankID Certificate in the Web Service

A highly appreciated feature is the use of your own BankID certificate in the web service. This means that counterparties e-sign with your company's BankID certificate instead of Egreement's certificate.

It creates a clearer user experience and strengthens your brand.