Apr 26, 2016

Four common questions to Egreement's support

Many of the customers who contact Egreement support are small businesses and individuals who use our basic service directly online. The questions are of course usually about e-signing and electronic contracts and maybe it's me, Johan Öhlund, you'll talk to when you contact support.

We at support are there for customers and others who want help with Egreement's services. It's all about big and small things and we try to sort out the situation when something has gone wrong. Egreement works very closely with our larger customers, so many of the questions to support don't actually come from them, but from businesses and individuals who use our Basic service directly online.

One question we get is, what contracts can you sign with e-singing?

Everyone! If you have an agreement/contract to be signed by 1, 2, or more people, it doesn't matter what the agreement itself is about - you can always use e-signature, and the e-signature is always legally valid.

**Another issue concerns deregistration.

From time to time, individuals contact us to deregister their account because they think it costs something to have an account with us. It doesn't, so I usually advise them to keep the account. You never know when it might be time to sign a contract, such as a contract for a holiday home in another city or the rental of a car. Why not e-sign and save time?

**Sometimes our customers get in touch with us.

They have been emailed a contract to sign and want to ask a question about the content of the contract itself. Unfortunately, these are not questions we can answer, so we will forward them to our client's support instead.

"This seems complicated...? "

It may seem that way, but if you ask me, the answer is: "Not complicated, this is simple!" This question is usually asked by people who have not used the service before and we guide them through the very simple process: you log in, fill in your personal details and accept the terms and conditions and you're off! Then you can skip all the paperwork and take care of everything related to the contract, for example on your mobile phone.

If you have any questions about e-signing, identification, or digital contract processes, please get in touch! You can reach us here: support@egreement.com


Johan Öhlund works with support, testing and finance at Egreement._