Feb 12, 2017

Fredells uses our technology to stop cheating and fraud in the construction industry

We at Egreement have developed the solution that Fredells Byggvaruhus is using today for professionals who want to become invoice customers and manage proxies. The application process is completely digital and is done via a link on their website.

That the construction industry has widespread problems with financial crime such as fraud is nothing new and that it continues has been confirmed in 2016 by both the industry press, the Swedish Trade Federation and projects such as Fair Play Bygg. Identification by e-ID makes it more difficult to hide one's real identity or to use so-called 'gatekeepers'.

"A spin-off effect beyond better security is that our internal operations improve when the organisation can devote itself to providing service to our customers instead of spending time on unnecessary administration. We would rather spend our energy on serious customers than on fighting crime in everyday life," says Anders Lassfolk, Finance Manager at Fredells Byggvaruhus.

Read the full press release here.

Järn Bygg Färg, The trade body for Byggmaterialhandlarna (the building materials trade) has also done a longer report with Anders Lassfolk, Finance Manager at Fredells and Amelie Friedman, responsible for the implementation at Fredells.

The full interview is available here.