Feb 14, 2016

Property Fair South in Malmö

Real estate is a sector where many contracts are handled: leases, garage space agreements, terminations, etc. I visited the Fastighetsmässan Syd trade fair in Malmö last week to talk about e-signing and electronic contract processes with partners and customers, and I can say that there was an incredible amount of pressure and interest. Many people I spoke to said that they have digitised a large part of their business processes, but that the contracts with customers in particular are still handled manually - with paper mail and ballpoint pen. But it's time to change that now!

I spoke to Gunnar Nilsson from Umefast, pictured here. Umefast works with us and offers e-signing in its property system PondusPro. I see them as a forerunner - their idea of how contracts should be handled, smoothly for both themselves and their customers, feels just right.

An exciting opportunity to develop e-Contracts further is mobile. Our partner 21st Century Mobile (pictured below) is developing and marketing intelligent and secure services for managing mobile communications. Contracts can already be signed on mobile and together with 21st Century Mobile we look forward to developing solutions for our customers, combining e-signing of documents with mobile solutions for maximum time savings and efficiency.

Thank you for 2 really interesting real estate days in Malmö!

Andrés Kuchler

Andrés works as an account manager at Egreement, lives in Gothenburg and enjoys inspiring meetings and rewarding, inspiring conversations with people.