Jun 27, 2019

What's new in our service

We at Egreement would like to share with you new functionality as well as smart tips on how you can improve the way you work in our service.

Many of our features have been developed in response to requests from our users. If you miss something in our service, please let us know!

Login with Username and Password

Egreement can now offer login with username and password for those organisations that do not have access to a Swedish Bank ID. If you have employees in your organisation who are based abroad, you can now invite them as users on your account.

However, those who already use the service with Bank ID cannot switch to username and password. This is due to the rules that Bank-ID has regarding identity exchange where they do not allow a person to first log in with Bank-ID and then switch to Username and Password.

Own logo in notifications

There is now support for uploading your own logo to make it clearer who the sender is.

There are no restrictions in the service on the format of the logotype. It is therefore recommended to test the appearance after uploading the logo. Also note that the changes will be reflected directly in all your notifications.

Extend due date

You can extend the due date if the other party has not signed or if you need more time. Only the creator of the contract can extend the due date.
If the expiry date of the agreement has passed, extending the expiry date will make it possible for all parties to sign the agreement again.

Create draft agreement

This is a shortcut to create a new agreement faster and easier. You can click on the existing created agreement and use it as a template to create a new one without having to start from scratch.

All settings such as contract files and party information will be included in the new contract. The due date and reminder date will be automatically set based on the current date according to the system's default settings.